CRISIS = Opportunity

finding growth
and resilience
in challenging times

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In these pages is a profound exploration of adversity that challenges the conventional view
that crisis equates to despair.

Can you imagine that, instead, crisis actually equates to opportunity?


Michael Pellegrino


Michael Pellegrino’s journey embodies a commitment to service, resilience, and community empowerment. After graduating from Notre Dame High School and pursuing further education in fire science and business, he embarked on a distinguished 25-year career in law enforcement, starting at the Trenton Police Academy at just 19 years old.

Throughout his tenure, Michael served in various roles, from Patrol Division to Detective, fostering strong connections with the community, particularly through initiatives like the School Resource Officer program and youth mentoring programs. His exemplary service garnered numerous accolades, including the Ewing Police Medal of Honor and the Carnegie Medal of Honor Award.

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